I have wanted to be an artist since I was a child, since I could comprehend what the word meant. Art and the act of creating is my passion and my solace.

I am an independent artist and my goal is to promote a new standard for buying quality artwork online during an age of digital revolution. All artworks are original, and everything is custom made. This is a place to purchase fine art. If you are looking for cheap, decorative, and mass produced, this is not the site for you. Every piece is created using museum quality mediums, and salvaged materials whenever possible. All work is created in my New Jersey studio with my own two hands, not in a warehouse assembly line that exploits interns for cheap labor. Each and every artwork available is either an original fine art piece or part of a limited edition series.

I am proud to support local craftsman, suppliers, and small businesses.
- All molding and casting is done in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
- Photographs are are Giclee prints which are printed locally.
- Paint is purchased from local art stores or independent artist pigment and paint studios.
- Wood panels are manufactured in the United States.
- Artwork is packaged and shipped professionally, utilizing recycled content whenever possible.